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Postmedia Supports Canadian Journalism

Postmedia Supports – Canadian Journalism

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At the heart of Postmedia is exceptional journalism. Postmedia joins with important causes and associations that support Canadian journalists and the vital work they do.

The Michelle Lang Fellowship – The Michelle Lang Fellowship in Journalism is a national fellowship awarded annually to a recent Canadian graduate from any discipline for the chance to apply his or her passion for writing and interest in current events. This fellowship includes a salary for the year, plus funding for a special project, as chosen by the fellow, on a topic of social significance inspired by Michelle Lang’s own portfolio of work. Funding for the fellowship is provided by the Calgary Herald and Postmedia Network, as well as the Michelle Lang Trust, with the fellow’s special project funded exclusively by the Michelle Lang Trust.

Canadian Media Stand United – We are united in supporting our journalists and newsrooms against those who seek to silence their stories and threaten their safety. Together, we will continue to advocate for industry-wide responses to end this behaviour.

– NMC is the voice of the print and digital media industry in Canada, representing hundreds of trusted titles in every province and territory. NMC is an advocate in public policy for daily and community media outlets and contributes to the ongoing evolution of the news media industry by raising awareness and promoting the benefits of news media across all platforms.

– JHR works with over 400 media partners and organizations with an audience reach of over 65 million people. JHR has raised over $141,000 to strengthen and protect independent media across the world. JHR continues to fundraise to sustain the evacuation effort in Afghanistan.

– CJF has been dedicated to acting as a catalyst for open and honest dialogue – helping to improve relationships between and understanding of the media and the private and public organizations. Through monthly J-Talks, a public speakers’ series, the CJF facilitates dialogue among journalists, businesspeople, academics and students about the role of the media in Canadian society and the ongoing challenges for media in the digital era. The foundation also fosters opportunities for journalism education, training and research.

– Founded in 1983, NABS is a unique charity specifically designed to support the health and well-being of all individuals in the media, marketing, and communications industry in Canada.