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Postmedia Supports

Postmedia Supports

Our Commitment

Across Canada, in the communities we serve, Postmedia supports important local and national
initiatives that exemplify our values and support our mission: Keeping Canadians in the know with
ambitious, trusted and high-quality journalism. Delivering high-value and data-driven marketing
solutions to businesses and advertisers.


We work, live and play in the communities we serve. Learn more about the programs Postmedia supports and the efforts of our employees, partners, family and friends across Canada who give back to their local communities.

Business & Innovation

Postmedia supports initiatives that foster innovation and promote local economies. At Postmedia we leverage the strength of our more than 130 brands to support important causes and local businesses in our communities.

Canadian Journalism

At the heart of Postmedia is exceptional journalism. Postmedia joins with important causes and associations that support Canadian journalists and the vital work they do.


Literacy skills are the foundation for lifelong learning that significantly affects the quality of life of individuals, families and communities. Learn more about the literacy initiatives Postmedia supports.

Businesswomen putting hands in the middle

Diversity & Inclusion at Postmedia

We take the time to actively listen and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

This starts with an inclusive environment free of stigma, stereotypes and prejudice where respect is the foundational building block.